At a young age astrology caught me and helped me find myself. It was an initiation into a world of soul and meaning. And now for over 40 years it’s been my interest and passion. It is at the core of my spiritual life.

I’ve been a psychotherapist for over 30 years and have studied many different theories of the mind and healing. I hold a master’s degree in Social Work from Arizona State University and have studied Jungian psychology at the North Pacific Institute of Analytical Psychology. But my focus has always come back to the interweaving of astrology and psychotherapy. The lens of astrology, with its language of energy, has always carried the ultimate authority in how I understand and work with people.

I have given talks to both astrologers and psychotherapists. I gave a webinar titled The Healing Art of Astrotherapy to IAA (International Academy of Astrology November 2021). I have spoken at the Northwest Astrological Conference (NORWAC) and the United Astrology Conference (UAC). These talks were published articles in The Mountain Astrologer and the ISAR Journal. You can read them on the articles web page. I have provided training and astrological consultation for psychotherapists and have also taught astrology in small group settings.

What most excites me is sharing this wisdom and helping people find resonance in their own lives.